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The Good Store

The Good Store brings together sustainable products on the high street so you can see products in real life, browse across our ranges and enjoy shopping knowing that everything on offer has been designed and created with the environment in mind.

That means that everything in store is either telling a story on reuse and refurbishment, making innovative use of waste to create new products or products that allow less impact in how they are made or used. All this in an enjoyable, joyful and positive shopping experience.

The store features furniture from Jay Blades (BBC's The Repair Shop), bags made from broken bouncy castles and ex London Fire Brigade hoses, as well as refillable products across Household, Health and Beauty - and so much more.

Come and explore in store!

The Good Journey

The Good Store is a shared journey as we explore what sustainability means on the high street.

The Good Store offers the high street something new, where the search for conscious choices doesn’t lie with the customer.

Our commitment is to inspire and help develop the market for more sustainable products to come forward, working with charities and social enterprises, start-ups and established businesses to uncover more and better options.

We have been set up by a leading environmental charity, Groundwork, that takes practical action on poverty and the environment.

What do we mean by 'more sustainable'?

  • Reuse and refurbishment: products given a new life.

    This means well-sourced second-hand items and things that have been brought back to life. Alongside familiar and new brands, there are things created by our parent charity, Groundwork London.

  • New products that have less impact.

    These are either made from waste that has been repurposed for a new use, been made in a less impactful way (how they are manufactured or what they are made from), or are alternatives to typically plastic items.

  • Routes into sustainability: services, information and events.

    Making The Good Store more than a department store. It is a place to explore, learn and access a more sustainable world.

"I’ve just come across your store and it looks absolutely fantastic, so pleased shops like yours are finally being realised."

“We think we’ve made a good start with the great brands in the store. We will keep looking and keep learning about what we can offer – whether that’s products or services or information to help us all make more sustainable choices in our day to day lives.”