About The Good Store

We are a sustainable department store that exists to help all people to live more sustainably.  

We offer products across the range of a department store that put the environment at the core. We provide a space for sustainable options to reach people and a route into sustainability for our customers and community.

We have been set up by the leading environmental community charity, Groundwork, to support greener living and working. We think shopping and living sustainably should be easier and more enjoyable for all. All profits made by The Good Store will be put back into local Groundwork projects to change places and lives for good.  

The Good Store shows a vision of a more sustainable world as we create routes into sustainability. By working with brands in the circular economy and who are rethinking how we produce and use everyday items and one-off purchases, we are creating a community.

Our doors are open to anyone who wants to explore a shared journey towards a more sustainable future. 

Tell us @ The Good Store

We want our community to collaborate with us and to learn alongside us. You can help us develop our offering, from our product range to our in-store services and workshops, and we welcome the sharing of sustainable ideas and processes. The Good Store is always evolving so there is always a reason to return. 

Groundwork London

Environmental community charity Groundwork London has launched The Good Store to support our shared journey to ensure everyone gets what they want and need, more sustainably – whether in-store or through our social projects. The Good Store has been designed to support our activities, while supporting the development of the green and circular economy and rethink the high street for a more sustainable world. 

Groundwork London works with and supports local communities to build their resilience in facing up to the challenges of a globalised economy and a changing climate. Groundwork brings over 40 years’ expertise of delivering environmental and community projects to channel into the retail industry. As a new retailer, we are able to be led exclusively by sustainability, Groundwork creates and champions sustainable living through reuse projects such as REWORK and THE LOOP and has now launched The Good Store to establish a new, more consistent revenue stream to support their charitable cause, critical for their projects and the communities we work with.

The Good Store is an experience that provides a platform to allow people to live more sustainably, offering sustainable product options and solutions to our customers, as well as offering space to inform and inspire.

All profits made by The Good Store will be put back into local Groundwork projects to change places and lives for good.