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Mama Bamboo

Mama Bamboo Size 1 (4 - 9 lbs)

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Mama Bamboo was the first European nappy company to be B-Corp certified AND have been named "Best for the World" two years running, due to their high environmental credentials. 
Bamboo grows organically without gallons of irrigation, chemicals, pesticides, or fertilisers. Mama Bamboo uses 100% compostable liners and packaging based on corn starch, so we do not need the crude oil and petrochemicals which other brands use.
  • 80% plant based materials including 100% compostable packaging
  • Voted “Best Performance Nappy Range” by Mother&Baby and “Best Eco-nappy” by MadeForMums.
  • Super soft bamboo viscose reduces nappy rash through breathability, temperature regulation and natural antibacterial properties
  • Hypoallergenic. No Chlorine. No alcohol. No Latex.
  • 7-layer form-fitted design proven to provide excellent absorption rates and protect from leaks

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